The most formal suit which you can wear during daytime! To have this item fit properly requires a certain skill. Please keep the following in mind that a morning coat is a 1 buttoned jacket with peak lapel and tails. It should be worn with grey striped trousers and a waistcoat. You can choose if you want a single or double breasted waistcoat. Both the Mayfair (mat) and the Sienna (shine) bunch have fabric available for this specialty item. A measurement which is absolutely crucial for a good fit is the “nape to waist.” Measured from the collar down to the most inward point of the spine. This is were the wait of the jacket starts, when measured wrong the split will stand open.

The jacket can be made on a regular and close-fit block. Another big difference between a morning coat jacket and a regular jacket is the princess seam on the back part of the jacket. The opening of a jacket is with an average length somewhere near 55 cm. the length of the tail should end just above the knee. To simply your order we have created a template for this garment. You can find this in the template section in TOPS.