With UK based in-house garment design, technical and CAD pattern management, we keep full control over the look/cut, quality and timing of all garments. Next to our production unit in the UK we’ve set up an offshore joint venture with a tailoring company that is steeped in centuries of traditional British tailoring skill.

The Lambton production management software (TOPS) is fully integrated into all aspects of the process giving real time and total control over every aspect from cloth/trim/unique customer patterns into the facility, via cutting, sewing and pressing to finished garments shipped out. Our garment technologists and production/quality management are permanently on site. Once the garments have arrived in Leeds they will undergo repress and final QC. They will be carefully packed in hanging garment boxes and shipped to you with DHL.

We give all retailers in Europe the support they need. Most of the logistics of cloths shipping to the production facilities, monitoring the productions times and the shipment of the clothes to the retailers we do from Utrecht, The Netherlands. And yes we do speak Dutch, German and some French.