Savile Row has been the home of the world’s fines tailors for generations and the distinct look of an English suit has influenced cut and style the world over from Milan to Tokyo; indeed, the Japanese word for a bespoke suit is the Sebiro (try sayin it fast!). The distinguishing features of English tailored suits are the shoulders and definition of the chest and waist. The combination of soft blades and body fitting suppression through chest and waist result in a flattering Y shape silhouette, often referred to as Conduit cut.

We tailor business & casual garments, formal day and evening wear along with many styles of country wear. Flexibility is our by-word. We offer so much more than the usual limited menu of styles and options. We have several blocks, many constructions and hundreds of styles covering all of the requirements most commonly sort after by retailers/tailors and their customers. Our style library extends to many of the rarer and obscure options too. These are largely available ‘on the fly’ within in our ordering system.