DECODE Tailoring

Uncompromised quality through craftsmanship, innovation & efficiency

DECODE TAILORING, Lambton Tailoring’s continental branch, has over 40 years of experience in making made-to-measure garments for MTM-specialists. Retailers can order beautifully crafted garments with ease of use through our order processing system. The customization options are sheer endless because of the extended pattern database. We deliver uncompromised quality through craftsmanship, innovation and efficiency. We are the tailor’s tailor. Let’s get in touch.

Let’s get in touch

UK based in-house garment design

We offer a full range of MTM and MTO garments from casual to formal wear. All kinds of overcoats, morning coats, jackets, waistcoats, trousers and (over)shirt. Every year we introduce at least six new styles like the Safari Jacket, Ghurka trousers, an Overshirt and a new contemporary Balmacaan coat.

With UK based in-house garment design, technical and CAD pattern management resources Lambton Tailoring keeps full control over the look/cut, quality and timing of all garments. DECODE Tailoring in The Netherlands takes proper care of commercial, technical and logistic support for Continental Europe. The DECODE Tailoring outsourcing service allows the re-seller to focus on their own sales and marketing. Every garment is cut uniquely from a pattern originated in the UK and is sewn on our own exclusive sewing lines in India. Every garment is trimmed and finished to an extensive specification dictated and managed by Lambton Tailoring.

Real time and total control

Next to our UK unit, our dedicated custom tailoring and ready to wear lines are part of a joint venture with a family run, efficiently and ethically managed, off-shore tailoring business. Our relationship with the owners and managers goes back decades. Our production management software (TOPS) is fully integrated into all aspects of the process giving real time and total control over every aspect from cloth/trim/unique customer patterns into the facility, via cutting, sewing and pressing to finished garments shipped out.  Lambton’s garment technologists and production/quality management are permanently on site.

Savile Row

The core of this English business is located both in Bramley, a town between Leeds and Bradford in West Yorkshire, with a sales support office in London’s West End garment district. The former is where the nation’s greatest tailoring skill pool is to be found. It is here that the traditions of tailoring grew up, not far from the mills where some of the world’s finest cloth originates. Our continental support is located in Holland. Our studio base in London, ‘a stone’s throw’ from Savile Row and ‘The West End’, enables the suits and garments it tailors to reflect both traditional and contemporary trends in British style and design. Read more about us.

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