About us


Lambton founding partners team up with CAMSCO a CAD/CAM specialist to fuse advanced hard & software developments with artisanal tailoring and introduce the world’s first computerized made-to-measure pattern system.


Made-to-measure pattern services made available industry wide as a bureau service to improve efficiency and counter skill shortages.


Edward Lambert & Matthew Norton set up a nationwide vertically integrated retail tailoring business (B2C) from pattern origination through to finished fitted garment.


Hans van Goch and Roel Wolbrink found New Tailor, the expert tailoring shops in the Netherlands.


Demand from the tailoring trade to supply (B2B) a broad range of accurate, custom-tailored garments results in foundation of Lambton Tailoring in current format.


New Tailor starts working with Lambton’s garments.


Tailors order process system (TOPS) launched to harness power of the web and digitally transfer orders from tailors around the world to Leeds.


In tight collaboration Decode Tailoring is founded. One of NEW TAILOR’s founding partners transfers to Decode. A special block is developed and introduced for the European market. Big step forward is the joined development of the full canvas construction.


The collaboration between Lambton and Decode is enforced and formalized into a joint venture. Lambton and Decode work with 45 UK employees, 6 Dutch employees and 250 staff worldwide tailoring 45,000 individually cut and sewn garments for tailors worldwide per year.