The Reefer

The name is derived from ‘reefers’ in the British Navy. They were the sailors who worked ‘midships’ and whose job it was to ‘reef’ the sails. The reefer was for the officers and the peacoat (derived from the Dutch word ‘Pij’) for the crew. The Reefer is a classic. The garment has been around for nearly three centuries, so it’s [...]

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The Ulster

If you want to walk down the street in style and be snug and warm, you simply need two or three good overcoats. At least one of the overcoats should be nice and long. This fall Decode Tailoring has come up with an updated Ulster; a beautiful variation of an overcoat. A double breasted coat with notch lapels, cuffs [...]

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Quilted Lining

All our outerwear can be created/styled with quilted lining for additional warmth and style. A limited range of 12 colours from Piccadilly have been quilted and are immediately available (upcharge €25) for both body and sleeve (see TOPS for images in Piccadilly bunch of available colours, search for 'Quilted').

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Fit Problems: The round back

The most important thing with the fitting of garments is the balance of a jacket. When this is right it is easier to move around for the customer and it looks way better. In this newsletter the first of many fitting problems: The round back.

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The City Coat

The overcoat has been a key part of a gentleman’s wardrobe since it was invented in the late 18th century. They were often worn as formalwear to represent the wearer’s social status both professional and military. Not so much has changed, they are still seen as ultra-smart? Traditionally a tailored overcoat is knee length or longer and made from a [...]

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The Balmacaan

The name Balmacaan is derived from the Scottish estate near Inverness where it was first seen in the 19th century. It was made for comfort and warmth in the damp of a Scottish winter. Basically, it’s an unstructured overcoat with a serviceable collar that can be turned up against the elements, a fly front and a typical split raglan [...]

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